About Us

 Our Story

Growing up as a kid, one of my favorite snacks to eat was the fresh and tender jerky from street vendors. When I first came to Canada, I was always craving for that same tender jerky. However, all I ever found was the North American jerky which was more of a dry style. Although tasty, it just wasn't what I was looking for. That was when I decided it was time to bring the Asian-style jerky to Canada. Working closely with my family, we took our traditionally passed down recipes and created the jerky that I once remembered to share with everyone here. 



Our Mission  

We are a small family-owned business located in north of Toronto. Being small means we can pay close attention to our products and faithfully produce each small batch in accordance to our handed-down recipe. We combine unique flavor with choice ingredients to create a great tasting snack that is one of a kind. We do not believe in using unnatural preservatives, so we do not use any ingredients that you cannot pronounce. We also like to be give our traditional jerky an innovative twist, so we are working towards creating new flavors and using different meat. Please do not hesitate to give us any recommendations.

P. S. We really love our jerky, and we think you will too!